Prof. Sangaraju Shanmugam


  • Our work on the development of anhydrous proton exchange membrane has been accepted
  • posted 2015-03-11 08:30:04 by Sangaraju Shamungam
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  • Cyctotoxic studies of graphitic carbon-coated magnetic nanoparticles has accepted in Journal of Biomedical Materials Research
  • posted 2015-02-09 10:03:57 by Sangaraju Shamungam
  • Prof. Shanmugam is invited to deliver a Talk in EMN 2015 conference
  • posted 2014-12-30 17:48:36 by Sangaraju Shamungam
  • Prof. Shanmugam is invited to deliver an invited lecture in Energy Materials Nanotechnology 2015, to be held in Beijing, April 20-23, 2015. 
  • Our collaborative work on NIR photothermal cancer therapy using core-shell particles has been accepted in Int. J Nanomedcine
  • posted 2014-11-12 08:58:30 by Sangaraju Shamungam
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  • The work on CO2 capture was accepted in RSC Advances
  • posted 2014-10-31 14:22:49 by Sangaraju Shamungam
  • N-doped arch and hollow nano carbons exhibit 4.23 mmol g-1 CO2 adsorption; ~13% CO2/N2 selectivity; and 98% regenerative capability at ambient conditions.



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  • Prof. Shanmugam is invited to deliver a talk in EMNT2014
  • posted 2014-09-15 14:43:25 by Sangaraju Shamungam
  • Prof. Shanmugam is invited to deliver a speech in Electrochemical Micro & Nanosystem Technologies, 2014 which will be held during November 5-8, 2014 in Okinawa, Japan.
  • We developed a facile and simple general methodology to fabricate porous metal oxide nanotubes and modified composite membranes for fuel cells operating under low humidity
  • posted 2014-09-10 16:58:35 by Sangaraju Shamungam
  • We describe a facile route to fabricate mesoporous metal oxides (TiO2, CeO2 and ZrO2) nanotubes for efficient water retention and migration in a polymer electrolyte membrane operated in PEMFCs under low relative humidity.



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  • The work on the development of non-precious air cathodes for rechargeable Zn-air battery has been accepted in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
  • posted 2014-09-06 10:00:16 by Sangaraju Shamungam
  • We investigated the relationship between the physical properties of hybrid air cathodes to the electrochemical results at various battery charging-discharging cycles using various physico-chemical techniques. These results confirm that CoMn2O4 nanoparticles (CMO) supported on nitrogen-doped graphane oxide (N-rGO) is a promising air cathode material for safe, reliable, and long-lasting primary and rechargeable Zn-air battery that breath atomspheric air.



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  • We developed a simple and scalable approach for highly efficient and durable non-precious earth abundant oxygen reduction catalyst has been accepted in ChemComm
  • posted 2014-06-16 09:32:11 by Sangaraju Shamungam
  • Hollow nitrogen-doped carbon spheres (HNCS) exhibited comparable oxygen reduction activity and excellent stability in alkaline electrolyte than a Pt/C commerical catalyst.  HNCS prepared using an innovative approach and we show that the effect of nitrogen content and type of surface functional groups on the oxygen reduction activity.


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  • Our research work on the development of low Pt loading cathode catalyst has been accepted
  • posted 2014-05-29 11:09:36 by Sangaraju Shamungam
  • Nitrogen-doped carbon nanocapusles supported Pt catalyst showed enhanced electrocatalytic activity and better stability for oxygen reduction reaction than a commercial Pt/C with higher loadings

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