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  • Prof. Sangaraju Shanmugam
  • Sangaraju Shanmugam



Prof. Sangaraju Shanmugam obtained his doctorate in 2004 from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India in the field of heterogenous catalysis. Thereafter, in 2005, he joined Department of Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University, Israel as a Postdoctoral Fellow, where he investigated Sonoelectrochemical Synthesis of metal nanoparticles. In late 2007, he joined as a JSPS postdoctoral fellow at Waseda University and continued his research in "Catalysis for energy applications". In 2011, he was appointed as an Assistant Professor at DGIST, Korea. Shanmugam currently has 112 refereed publications to his credit, 5 Indian Patents and filed 8 Korean patents. His technical contributions have been recognized by many awards including JSPS Fellow from Japan, Samuel and Helene Soref Young Scientist from Bar-Ilan University, Israel and Prof. Langmuir Prize for the Best Thesis, IIT Madras.  Shanmugams current research interests focus on the development of cost-effective, durable electrode materials for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells. His areas of research encompass synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials and their applications towards energy conversion and storage, biosensors and biomedical applications. 







Mar. 2013 - Present

Adjunct Associate Professor

Applied Physical Chemistry

Waseda University, Tokyo, JAPAN




Aug. 2011 Until Today  

Assistant, Associate and Professor  

Department of Energy Science & Engineering  

Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science & Technology (DGIST), KOREA 



Sep. 2009 June 2011  

Assistant Professor  

School of Advanced Science and Engineering  

Waseda University, Tokyo, JAPAN  



Sep. 2007 Aug. 2009  

JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow  

Department of Applied Chemistry,

Waseda University, Tokyo, JAPAN  



Dec. 2006 May 2007  

Postdoctoral Research Associate  

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry  

RWTH Aachen University, GERMANY  



Dec. 2004 Dec. 2006  

Postdoctoral Research assistant  

Department of Chemistry  

Bar-Ilan University, ISRAEL  


June. 1999 Nov. 2004  

Ph. D., Department of Chemistry,  

Indian Institute of Technology Madras, INDIA  


June. 1997 May. 1999  

M.S. in Department of Chemistry,  

Anna University, Chennai, INDIA  




June 1993 May 1996:  

B.S. in Chemistry, University of Madras, INDIA 





Teaching Experience



Electrocatalysis to Fuel Cells (ES 703) - Fall 2012, Fall 2013, Spring 2015


Materials for Fuel Cells (E S701)  - Spring 2012, Spring 2013, Spring 2014


Special Topics I - Fuel Cells (ES 800) - Fall 2012


Energy Conversion and Storage (ES723) - Fall 2014, Fall 2015 






JSPS postdoctoral fellowship award from Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan, 2007.  


Samuel and Helene Soref Young Scientist award, Research Authority, Bar-Ilan University, Israel, 2005. 


Prof. Langmuir Prize for the best thesis, Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India 2005.  






Member of the American Chemical Society.  

Member of the Electrochemical Society.  

Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. 

Member of International Society of Electrochemistry.

Member of Royal Society of Chemistry






Developed a know-how process for the synthesis of biodegradable poly Lactic acid over solid acid catalysts and transferred to an industry in Chennai, India. 


A know-how process has been developed for the synthesis of multifunctional anaerobic adhesive esters over solid acid catalysts and transferred to an industry in Chennai, India. 


Developed a cost effective alternate route for tungsten and molybdenum carbide nanostructures 








2nd International conference on recent advances in material chemistry, Feb.14-1, 2018, SRM University, Chennai, Indian


Recent advances in materials Science and Biophysics, Jan. 23-25, 2018 Mangalore, India


1st World Conference on Solid electrolytes for advanced applications, Sep.5-9, 2017, Pondicherry, India


IUMRS-ICAM 2017, 15th International Conference on Advanced Materials, Aug.27-Sep.01, 2017, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan


International Conference on Advanced Rechargeable Batteries & allied Materials, Mar. 8-10, 2017, Pune, India.


The 18th International Symposium on Eco-materials processing and design, Feb. 17-20, 2017, Okinawa, Japan


Pure and Applied Chemistry International Conference 2017 (PACCON2017), Feb. 2-3, 2017, Bangkok, Thailand. 


The International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials (IUMRS-ICYRAM 2016), Dec. 11-15, 2016, Bangalore, India 


International Symposium on Advances in Electrochemical Science and Technology (ISAEST-11), Dec.8-10, Chennai, India.


The 7th International Symposium on Solar Energy Technology, Aug. 11, 2016, Yeungnam University, Korea.


EMN Meeting on Power Sources Energy Materials Nanotechnology, Aug.2-6, 2016, Bali, Indonesia


International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies for Smart and Clean Cities, July 27-29, 2016 Tirupathi, India


International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology for Energy Applications (Eapp-2016), June 27-29, 2016, Sathyabama University, India


International Conference on Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials (NANOS 2015), Dec. 14-17, 2015, Visakhapatnam, India


The 3rd International Congress on Energy Efficiency and Energy Related Materials (ENEFM), Oct. 19-12, 2015, Turkey.


Energy Materials Nanotechnology East Meeting (EMN2015), April 20-23, Beijing, 2015, China                                


3rd International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICONN2015), Feb. 4-7, 2015, Chennai,India                                                         


10th International Symposium on Electrochemical Micro & Nanosystem Technologies (EMNT2014), Nov. 5-8, 2014, Okinawa, Japan 


IUPAC 10th International Conference on Novel Materials and their Synthesis, Oct.11-15, 2014, Zhengzhou, China  


The 248th ACS Meeting, Batteries, and Fuel Cell Technologies: Challenges and Solutions towards Global Stewardship, Aug.16-20, 2014, San Francisco, USA 


11th ISEAC International Discussion Meet on Electrochemistry and Its Applications (11th ISEAC-DM-2014), Feb.20-25, 2014, Amritsar, India  


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7th Asian Conference on Electrochemical Power Sources (ACEPS-7), Nov. 24-27, 2013, Osaka, Japan  


IUPAC 9th International Conference on Novel Materials and their Synthesis, Oct. 17-22, 2013, Shanghai, China     


The 5th International Workshop on Advanced Electrochemical Power Sources, Nov.16-18, 2012, Kumamoto, Japan


10th spring meeting of International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE), April 15-18, 2012 Perth, Australia   


The 11th International Symposium on Energy Storage & Biosensor for next generation, May 30-31, 2012, Chungbuk, Korea 


13th Asian Chemical Congress, Sep.14-16, 2009, Shanghai, China